I create my mechanical woven fabrics from scratch with the threads forming the fabric, using a mechanical loom, warping machine, spool machine and a punch cards puncher. Samples are first made in my hand loom and after I have designed the pattern I weave the fabric in my mechanical shuttle loom from the 1950’s. Cast Iron, leather, mechanic, punched card. The shuttle beats rhythmically back and forth, making a strong long-lasting fabric with strong selvedges.
My handwoven garments are made in my hand loom, a traditional wooden loom. Here the fabric or samples are made totally by hand.
The principle is the same in all weaving, whether you weave by hand or mechanically. Two thread systems, a longitudinal warp with a transverse weft, and where the pattern is determined by lifting the threads in different ways.
For shirt and shirt dresses I use GOTS-certified organic cotton fabrics and also sometimes so called left-over or dead-stock fabric from other clothing company’s production.